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Frequently Asked Questions about car repair    

The three questions we hear asked the most often are hands-down along these lines:

We offer answers to other questions we are frequently asked below.  If you have a question concerning the insurance claims or collision repair process, please .

Insurance Questions:

Repair Process Questions:

Your shop is not on my insurance company’s preferred list — can I still get my car repaired by you without having to pay extra?

The simple answer is YES you can still choose our shop for your repairs and NO you should not have to pay more than your required deductible.

Will I still receive a lifetime warranty from your shop even though you are not one of the insurance company’s direct repair facilities?

YES!  We will repair any defects in our work as listed on the repair invoice for as long as you own your vehicle, unless caused by unreasonable use or lack of maintenance.  Please contact us for more details on this warranty.

My car is not driveable — will the insurance company pay for my rental car?

Yes — under the following conditions:

  1. Liability was accepted by the other party’s company.  Your vehicle must also be either in a non-driveable condition or your vehicle is currently being dropped off at our shop for a scheduled repair.
  2. The other party did not have insurance and was responsible for the damage to your car.
    If you have uninsured motorist coverage, your insurance will pay for your rental car costs.
  3. Your car was damaged while parked and the person causing the damage left the scene without notifying you.  This is also considered an "uninsured motorist" claim.
    If you have the coverage and have met the conditions mentioned under number “1” above, your insurance should cover your rental car.
  4. Go to the Texas Department of Insurance for a complete explanation of insurance coverage.  (Also check our Resources page.)

The other person caused the damage to my car, but his insurance company is being slow to accept liability — what can I do?

This is particularly frustrating to drivers, especially if their car is not driveable.  The quick answer is to contact your agent and start the claim under your collision policy.  If the other company still has not accepted liability by the time your car is ready, you will have to pay a deductible.  Your company may get your deductible back if it challenges the claim successfully.  (For a more in-depth discussion, see Settling a Claim — How Long Should it Take?)

What is the proper procedure to follow after an accident?

Follow the recommendations described in "You've Been In A Wreck — Now What?".

Should I notify my insurance company if the other driver is at fault?

Yes — the other driver may not agree with you and may have already filed a claim against you.  Your insurance agent is a professional in these matters, and will explain your rights and guard your interests  (to the limits of your coverage).

I love my car, but the insurance company wants to "total it".  What can I do?

You have two options:

  1. Accepting a payment equal to the retail value of your vehicle plus title transfer fees and sales tax.
  2. Keeping your vehicle and receiving a payment equal to it’s average retail value less it’s salvage value.  The salvage value is set by the insurance company and usually amounts to approximately 20% of the retail value.

The insurance company’s estimate is less than yours — does this mean I have to pay the difference?

The only time we see this happening is when you want replacement parts to come from a different source than the insurance company has listed.  Parts can be listed from a variety of sources such as the dealership, after-market vendors  (copies of the factory part), reconditioning vendors, and used parts vendors.  Rebreu, and for that matter no other repair shop, dealership or independent, can dictate what sources and therefore what costs the insurance will pay for specific parts.

Can I save my deductible?

Yes, if you own the vehicle  (there is no loan on the vehicle) and choose not to do a portion of the repair that is cosmetic in nature.  We will notify your insurance company of the change, and deduct that portion of the repair from your final bill.  If you still owe money on the car loan, the lienholder must be notified of any changes.  They usually want all repairs completed as written to protect their investment.

When, and to whom, do I pay my deductible?

Deductibles, if required, are collected at our shop when the repairs are complete.

My car is less than a month old and it has been damaged — should I take it back to the dealer if I want to keep my warranty in effect?

NO.  We have never heard of a new car warranty being voided due to a repair at our shop.  Through a variety of sources, we have access to information and training to properly repair your car.  Through the years, we have been listed by certain dealerships as their preferred collision repair facility.  Most important of all, we know we must try harder to gain your trust and future referrals than the new car dealerships do.

My car was totaled and I need to find another car — can you help?

If you are thinking about another used car, you can bring it by and we would be glad to check it over for any previous body and paint repairs at no charge.  We ask that you call and schedule the exam.  However we are not set up to do a complete buyers check that includes all mechanical systems.

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